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temperatures are gripping maryland once again. >> baltimore city remains in a code blue alert this weekend. that means extended hours at the emergency centers and temperatures dipping well below 23 degrees. when will the cool off from this cold snap? that is a question for chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> talking about real cold weather again tonight. cold sweeping again on friday and up into the weekend. things may thought, but for now temperatures are 16 downtown, 21 edgewood, 21 centerville. temperatures are well down in the teens and the low freezing. in this arctic air mass comes sunlight's now-- some light snow. we will detail that and another chance later this week. >> health officials stressed that if you must be outdoors, where several layers, including
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moisture wicking clothing, and keep your head cover to trap the heat. temperatures are dangerous to anyone with prolonged exposure and increases the risk for hypothermia. >> thank you. if you are in an exposed situation,, confusion, palpitations, complaining their heart is racing -- breathing much more rapidly than usual. >> more tips on how to stay warm and emergency shelter locations and how to get energy assistance the cannot afford to heat your home. find all that on our website, be sure to click on weather. >> they have been working in the cold to repair a broken glass- broken gas line in anne arundel county. we brought that u.s. britney is it 5:00. dozens of customers were h required to evacuate in this
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glen burnie neighborhood. cai reed joins us live with late breaking details. how are things tonight? >> actually some very faint smell of gas in this neighborhood. you see the lights flashing behind me as crews are still working on that gas line. this all started when a public works group hit the gas line. 45 customers were evacuated from their homes. seeking shelter on this frigid cold night. this is why 45 homes were evacuated in glen burnie wednesday night. a high-pressure mixture of water and gas spewing out of two busted mains on one of the coldest nights of the year. >> a call came in -- the department personnel responded. >> a 6 inch gas main. and after close down six blocks of this glen burnie neighborhood as crews worked on a fix. >> people are being directed to
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go to the glen burnie athletic association to seek shelter from the cold. we want to assure homeowners and keep people out of the area so crews can make the repairs as necessary. >> according to officials the call came in at 4:00 in the afternoon. an odor of gas reported by a utility crew at delmar avenue. this man lives next door -- he watched water leaking out for today's but did not spot gas until after digging started. >> the second time i went over -- i do not think that is water. >> we met them at a recreation center down the road where displaced residents were initially sent to wait out the repair. hours later they were still waiting and worrying about the pipes and the homes left behind. >> i'm worried about the animals. i am worried that things cannot get done -- things can happen
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with gas. >> the latest we're hearing from a beachy is that all but nine of the affected customers have been allowed into their homes. nine customers have been allowed services from the red cross for the night. >> the pentagon will lift its ban on women serving in direct ground combat roles with an announcement expected tomorrow. the ground-breaking move was recommended by the joint chiefs of staff and will open up hundreds of thousands of front line positions and delete command of jobs to women. it overturned a policy in place since 1994. some jobs may become available in -- this year. tammy duckworth lost both her legs as a helicopter pilot in iraq. she says this will level the playing field. >> you cannot make it without a combat arms command or the
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battalion level -- this will allow women to have some of the command power. >> according to nbc news, at first women would have to volunteer for combat duty and meet the same physical standards faced by men. hillary clinton face pointed questions and accusations that her department misled americans about the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi. she testified before a pair of congressional analysts. she used -- rice said then that the attacks grew out of a spontaneous protest of an anti islamic video. >> something spread out of that. that was not the fact. the american people could have known that in days. >> with all due respect, the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or a guy went out for a walk and
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decided to kill americans -- what difference at this point does it make? >> clinton returns for one last time tomorrow at john kerry's confirmation hearing to be the next secretary of state. >> it was not all hugs and kisses and bipartisan cooperation -- republican- controlled house voted overwhelmingly to diffuse the looming debt ceiling crisis. the measure suspended the cap on federal borrowing and establishes a new may 19 deadline. in return for this vote, democrats a promised a budget plan with the spending cuts. both sides say they're hoping for continued cooperation. they are expected to pass legislation to the house and president obama said he will sign it. they were encouraged -- investors were encouraged -- the dow closed at its highest level since october 2007, months before the start of the great recession.
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the nasdaq and the s&p 500 some modest gains. >> the security deal -- they are accused of using their detail for personal and political gain. mark walker testified that he was required to help with the county executive's reelection campaign. walker also claimed he kept watch as he engaged in sexual encounters with his mistress. he denies any wrongdoing -- testimony resumes tomorrow. >> jury selection took up again in the murder case. new questions about a person in that case -- the lead police detective. jim miller has the story. miller has the story. >> we took this video of a baltimore police detective at his home address. he is the subject of a lot of attention. he is believed to be involved in
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the murder case against michael johnson. he is accused of killing a girl and putting her body in the susquehanna river. johnson's lawyer argues the detective's credibility is suspect -- he is under investigation for allegedly forcing his way into an apartment as part of an unauthorized search when his teenage daughter had run away. what he did in that case, lawyers argue, he did in the barnes case. in both, operating outside the law. despite the spotlight of the bonds case, nicholson may have violated department for rules. the car he is getting into and driving is not his. it belongs to the police department. a spokesman told us there are few reasons a suspended officer would be permitted to take a car bomb. a new inquiry -- take a car home. a new inquiry has been started. nicholson could become an issue for the jury in the bonds murder case to consider. it includes several arrests and
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domestic situations, but no convictions. he was charged with beating his wife, but she refused to testify and the charge was dropped p. he faced three assault charges and was found not guilty. in 2011, he was accused of beating his daughter. he escaped prosecution with mediation. that the same daughter that ran away. they have not made a public ruling about whether any parts of his record will go before the jury. -- anne arundel county delegate don dwyer is opening up about his future in the wake of the boat crashed. he faces drunken boating charges and a collision that injured six others, including children. he spoke about what he calls a life changing event. >> your actions back in august broke the public trust,
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jeopardize public safety. if convicted, you face jail time, a fine, and possible expulsion bamir cst. how you square that with voters? >> that is something i have to match up to. i hope it does not -- i hope individuals look at the fact that have been honest and forthright and not only admitting i was drinking, but the treatment i have put myself in. >> you can watch the complete interview with delegate wire and find it on the politics page of our website, >> a very interesting interview. much more ahead tonight on 11 years. >> baltimore city's first casino opened more than a year -- opens more than a year from now, but already tough questions from the community about how all those jobs will be felt. we explain next. >> and fire and ice -- the unusual sight after firefighters battling huge blaze. >> a winter weather advisory overnight -- lights now starting
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to show up on at the doppler. we will check that out. 26 downtown. mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees,
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each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal.
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3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >> the public heard plans to insure thousands of jobs up for grabs at the new casino go to residents. but there are skeptics to wonder whether the promise will become reality. live at city hall with more on that.
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>> the local hiring plan was presented as part of a city council public hearing on the issue tonight. caesars entertainment group promises to make city residents a priority for filling the positions, but some in the community simply do not trust them. some leaders confronted casino executives during the hearing. >> i realize that the american dream for the last four years, i have not had it. >> he personifies the promise of a better date for thousands. when a caesars casino complex plans to open in 2014 on this parcel of land in the shadow of the stadium. >> we need these jobs. we want these jobs. >> at a public hearing, the mayor's office revealed details of a memorandum of understanding between the city and caesars entertainment. it promises to give priority to qualify baltimore city residents to help close to 1800 permanent jobs at the horseshoe casino.
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>> it is our job to make sure that we do everything possible to do a very brought out reached for a community hiring effort. >> i need people who know the city. i need people who are passionate about the city, who can answer questions about the city. you do not get that if you are not from the city. >> a group of community leaders and local labor union members cornered the executives in the hallway. they were upset the executives left the hearing just as the public comment period began. >> if they're not concerned itugh to here the concerns, does not live with what you are trying to give back to the city. >> they say the early exit reinforces their distrust of the hiring memorandum of understanding between the city and caesars. >> it does not hold anybody accountable. you could say you tried to reach the goal, you tried to reach the understanding, but somehow we failed. that still leaves residents out in the cold. >> as part of the memorandum of
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understanding, caesars has agreed to submit to the city every six months airport as to how many workers actual live in the city. >> she is baltimore born and raised, but the longtime representative of san francisco in that u.s. house, nancy pelosi, a broker silence over who should be backing in super bowl 47. >> my constituency is san francisco. my children were raised with john montana and all the stars. since then -- i will certainly be rooting for the forty-niners, but not rooting against the ravens. >> pelosi also pointed out her late father and former baltimore mayor got the city and built and she has long been a fan of baltimore sports teams, including the ravens.
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tonight he devoted his time to a zumba-thon. he met at the abet in pasadena raising money for autism speaks. it is back to business for the rest of the ravens tomorrow as they get ready for super bowl 47. >> now, you are 11 weather forecasts with cheap meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> to give the prospective but just how cold this arctic air is -- video out of chicago where abandoned warehouse caught fire overnight. now it is covered in ice because the bitter cold froze the water the firefighters were pouring on the building. authorities in chicago are concerned that the weight of all that ice might make the building collapse. pouring water on to put out the fire -- it is now like an ice castle. temperatures well below 0 in that area. bitter cold extends across the great lakes, the mid-atlatntic, the northeast. you know it is cold and high
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temperatures to not even get above zero. around burlington, vermont, 4 below zero for the afternoon high temperature. five below zero in maine. only 17 for a tie in boston, 16 in pittsburgh. it did hit 25 degrees 25bwi schultze. the coldest day since january 2011. our high today is pretty much what you'd expect for a normal low temperature this time of year. the record is 0 degrees, set in 1936. it is cold out there for sure. cloud cover is moving in so temperatures are not fallen quite as rapidly, but still managing to see numbers in the teens to the north of baltimore. low 20s in the eastern shore. there is a winter weather advisory now extends through the maryland pennsylvania line. you have a fast-moving storm. areas of low pressure, out of the upper midwest very dry. not much moisture, but just
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enough moisture and lift to the atmosphere to generate some flurries and snow showers. right now most of that is on the radar screen, not hitting the ground. we will check the observations down here -- not many places reporting. west virginia had light snow. just light snow and flurries and snow showers -- the bulk of it will be just to the south of us. look at the cold reenforcing air that comes in behind it. 18 in chicago, 10 in rapid city. a little bit of light snow, then a reinforcing shock of arctic air. the northeastern corner of the state, less well. to the south, more. the far this that you go, the better chance you will encounter a light coating of snow in the morning. midmorning skies are clearing and then you have a lot of sunshine. it should produce -- not produce a whole lot of snow. the lower eastern shore, may be a more -- a little more than an inch.
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a trace of snow around the baltimore area before it moves out quickly and sunset kicks in. cold tonight as flurry activity begins. tomorrow we will see sunshine. this will also take upwind again. highs of 24-29, wind up to 25 miles an hour. wind chill becomes a factor. a small craft advisory up to 30 knots -- this is the number you want to watch. 30 degree -- 38 degree water temperature. it might get a little colder by saturday. 14 in the mountains, then another chance for accumulating snow friday night. on the eastern shore, the farther south, the better chance to see snow tomorrow. a batch of snow coming back friday night into saturday morning. maybe a inch or two of snow around ocean city, then it clears out. another batch of snow late in the day. we catch a flurry tomorrow morning and a chance for snow friday night -- maybe a couple inches. cold weather for the polar bear
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plunge. high temperatures around 32. >> not only do the raven's leave tom brady in their rearview mirror on the road to the super bowl, they also left him looking at a fine for the way he plays. we tell you why, next in sports. x. this is power ball. tonight we have got an estimated $112 million jackpot for you. get ready to play. the first number -- 24. after that we have 43. sandy 1 $1 million. next number -- 11. after that is 12.
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then 45. nights power ball number -- match this and you are always a winner. tonight is the number 9. make sure you check this tickets carefully. from all of us, have a great
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>> now, the 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> a bit of an odd coincidence that 49 ravens will play in their first super bowl against the forty-niners. you will have heard any number -- for the most part, the players pay little to no attention. they will treasure playing in their first super bowl. ray lewis plays in his last nfl game. they will not think about every minute of the game. not until likely the last minute. asked reagan -- ravens players. they want to make sure john harbaugh has bragging rights. players who have worked their entire career to get to this game -- this opportunity, this stage, do not really care about the story lines. they care about winning. >> we are going to work.
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all the side stories, you are not playing in the game, you can enjoy that. but as players we are going to hunker down and focus on the task at hand. >> if the raven's win super bowl 47, re lewis will set the record for longest span between super bowl wins -- 12 years. they have more players than lsu, noda dame, or oklahoma, as many as alabama. joe flateau is the sixth quarterback sixthjoe fla -- joe flacco -- each of the previous five won the super bowl and the super bowl mvp, including joe montana. tom brady cost the patriots more than a shot at a touchdown. the nfl has fined him $10,000
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for raising his cleats into a player. they say brady has apologized for the play and he does not necessarily consider him a dirty player. take a look at the slide -- the video would suggest otherwise. john payton could talk to the media today -- the head coach stepped into his old job the day after nfl commissioner roger adel -- goodell. he was out of the season because of the bounty program. former coordinator greg williams remains suspended indefinitely. now payton went to talk about the future even as everyone has questions about the past. >> we are at a point where it is time to close. it is time for us as a team, as daily, to take the next afford.
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i know we are excited. we are getting ready to hold the super bowl. disappointed we are not playing, but to great games are. >> the next level challenge -- taking out in the caa. george mason tigers still have grown to do after coming up short. they missed too many opportunities. jumping off the mark on the floater -- with the rebound. and mason starting to inch away. since the three-pointer from the top -- cuts mason's lead to 6. allen for two and george mason -- tigers are 10-11 for the season. stony brook -- looking for the
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first back-to-back wins. 17-points. see will stop by 11. showing off his outside skills. wait outside. barry's the three -- buries the three. quentin jones up and under. you nbc, but the sea walls will put it away with free -- sea wolves will put it away with free throws. tom tasselmyer is back with a look at the forecast.
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>> real winter staff. >> a little bit of snow south of us -- may be a inch or two. another cold day. friday, another couple inches may hit parts of maryland. temperature is trying to climb over the weekend -- not much. wind will kick again. 25 miles an hour. that means temperatures in the 30's feel like they are in the 20's. water temperature in the 30's. >> those people -- >> that is a
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- heidi klum, from "movie 43," seann william scott,

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